Blink Equity

Systemic Problems Require Systemic Solutions


The Problem

Anti-Black and Systemic Racism

Anti-Black racism is a specific kind of racism unique to the history and experience of black people globally. One of it’s greatest consequences is the lack of representation in the workplace, especially at senior levels. Unfortunately, employers lack the knowledge to address this problem and too often, diversity and inclusion efforts don’t have the singular focus and stand alone strategies needed to end anti-black and systemic racism in the workplace.

The Solution

Anti-Racist Initiatives with Real Impact

BLINK Equity offers education on anti-black and systemic racism to help employers better understand the issue and help them reverse it by creating equitable and inclusive workplaces as it relates to black talent.

Blink Equity also offers consulting services that deliver signature programs that help organizations assess and implement appropriate levels of representation for black talent as well as create ERGs to engage staff, give back to the community and sustain inclusion efforts in the long run

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